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Welcome to Mon Naturals. We are a local family business from Anglesey North Wales. The company was established in 2016 to facilitate the commercialization of the Families Traditional Clay Mineral Balm Eliawen which has been passed down from generation to generation. Eliawen is over 200 yrs old and follows the original recipe and consists of two indigenous ingredients one of which is Welsh Slate. Eliawen was launched in 2018 at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Cardiff.

The Balm has traditionally been used on Burns and Wounds where it dabbed on to the area and then covered with a dressing for at least 36 hours. Local tests over a 6 yr period have shown that it also helps other external skin conditions. A Cosmetic Compliance Certificate has been gained and research has been carried out by Bangor University on the Anti Microbial activity of the Balm this was a SMART Partnership match funded by the Welsh Government. Results will be published soon in an Academic Journal. A follow on Project is now being put together by CALIN and the ACCELERATE Team from Swansea, Cardiff and Trinity Universities (Team Wales).

This will help the company to validate Medical claims so we can gain access in to the NHS. This will involve Clinical and live tests in labs and on Hospital patients. We have also formulated a Vegan Plant Based Balm which has added Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. This has been getting tested locally for the past few months on a range of external skin conditions. Early signs are promising and testemonials on our page show the results. Again we can not validate Medical claims yet but a Cosmetic Compliance Certificate is nearly through. This Balm will also be tested as part of the Work Package by the ACCELERATE Team and CALIN.
Another Balm has also been formulated and testing will begin soon locally. This will be a combination of the Vegan Plant Based Balm with added Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil plus Slate. This will also be part of the ACCELERATE Programme.