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One of Ynys Môn’s Best Kept Healing Secrets, now Available

The origins of Eliawen Healing Cream™ can be traced back as far as the early 19th Century. Ianto Jones, recalls his family’s oldest memory of his Great Great Grandmother, preparing and applying the Cream and successfully treating and healing a victim, with substantial burns to the skin.

Eliawen Healing Cream, perfected in Ynys Môn, North Wales at a time and place that lacked local and affordable doctors and hospitals.  Made in Wales: made in Ynys Môn, where medicine men and women, the traditional healers, helped to ease the suffering of their community, by creating medicines and healing remedies, from naturally occurring organic ingredients. Eliawen Healing Cream™ is one of these effective medications that have stood the test of time and is being reintroduced, by Ianto,Jones to work its magic on 21st Century sufferers.

Unique Ingredients: Found only in Snowdonia
At 10 years old, Ianto Jones was taught by his father, how to make and use the Eliawen™ burns and skin healing salve. Made from unique ingredients, found only in Snowdonia, he has been making the healing cream, by public demand, for local people: generations of families that have benefitted from using the anti-inflammatory cream.

Ianto Jones’ Journey to Market
The cream has been in my family for hundreds of years and was passed from my father to me and my son in turn.
The cream is completely natural and follows the original recipe, all the ingredients are found locally in abundance.
The cream treats all external skin problems, including burns, wounds, eczema and dermatitis. It leaves no visible marks or blemishes, and also gives instant pain relief. Further research will be carried out on liquidizing the cream and exploring its internal anti inflammatory capabilities. Full analysis of the cream and how it works with inflammation and the immune system has been completed. Initial preliminary tests have been carried out successfully at Bangor University, plus community based trails have been carried out and are still on going on all types of external skin problems. We will now be looking to trademark and patent this unique mixture and then explore various avenues available.