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The founder was Edgar Morgan Jones born at Pant farm in Llanfathlu on Anglesey on 5th August 1925. He was the pivotal figure in continuing the family tradition of healing burns.

Passed down through generations to him the formula was used to treat burns and other skin ailments in the family and locally community.

The recipe and mixture was shown to him by his grandmother whom he lived with as a small child. I was fortunate to have met her as a young child, she lived in a small cottage just down from my grandmothers small holding, it was overgrown with foliage and set back in trees.

I was first shown the cream as a young child in my early teens by my father who had left my grandmothers house to collect the ingredients, upon his return I was shown the ingredients and the mixing technique.

He then subsequently went and applied the cream on my grandmothers arm which she had burnt on the cooker, I was shown the full process.

My father was always eager to help anybody with a burn and showed me many times how to mix the cream and get it to the right composition.

Even before his death he asked me to go and collect the ingredients and mix the cream for him so that he knew I could duplicate it, for that I will be eternally great full, and I will in turn teach my son the way my father taught me.

This ancient tradition must never be lost, the ancient people new of its healing properties and its now time for it to be re-introduced to this society so that everybody can treat burns effectively and naturally.

At the age of 15 I witnessed my mother burning the back of her hand with boiling water. She was cooking Sunday dinner in the kitchen and the stove was full of boiling pans of water cooking various vegetable’s. she was filling another pan with boiling water from the geezer we had over the sink.

As she turned with the full pan a neighbour knocked the kitchen door and walked in, this distracted her and as she moved the pan towards the stove she caught the bottom of the pan on the top of another pan which tipped the pan and the boiling water all over the back of my mothers hand.

She screamed and was instantly in pain, I jumped up to help her as did the neighbor, we put her hand immediately under the cold water tap to ease the pain and prevent any blistering.

My father ran into the house and immediately got in his car and drove to collect the ingredients to make the cream. We continued to keep my mothers hand under the cold water, she was visibly distraught with pain.

My father returned in no time, he soon mixed the ingredients which were far more accessible in those days for specific reasons and administered generously all over the back of her hand once it had been dried.

The cream was then left on the burn to come of naturally, it was not covered.

This took away the pain immediately. Once the burn was healed the hand showed no effects from the burn, no scarring, no discoloration and no hair follicle damage, it had returned to its original state.

Since my father died in 2007 I have always dreamed of developing the cream, something we had always spoken about.

In 2012 while studying History and Archaeology at Bangor University I was fortunate to be able to attend and Enterprise Support Program workshop hosted by Mr. Chris Walker(lecturer/consultant) for Bangor University in conjunction with Welsh Government business start up program.

This led to me getting in contact with Menter Mon in Llangefni Anglesey, and in turn effectively led to a support package package being put in place for me.

Ironically Mr.Chris Walker was designated as my business adviser/consultant and he has helped and mentored me since then, and I am extremely grateful for his on-going assistance.

I am his innovation specialist client and with his support I have brought Mon Naturals ltd and Eliawen to life so to speak.

I have researched, developed, produced and manufactured the cream to the original recipe and is now consistent and quality and quantity good.

Re public health and safety requirements for this kind of remedy, the product ingredients have been identified and are existing ingredients already on the list of registered ingredients.

Uses only natural ingredients no chemicals.

The interesting history of the folk remedy has been explored and documented, to be part of the branding providence found.

Ingredients and derivatives of the ingredients are all ready being used in hospitals. One of the essential ingredients is to be found only in Snowdonia. The mixture of the ingredients has been identified as being IP protectable.

Trade mark of the company and the cream has been UK filled, we are now legal to sell the cream as a medical application, thus allowing the company to sell medical creams officially.

Promotional material and a data base of targeted customers has been prepared as well as sales emails have been sent to purchasing departments of pharmacies, large company, large groceries as well as smaller local shops.

At present we are working with Bangor University and the Beacon Project so that we can continue to scientifically test the cream as its full potential is still unknown.

I myself have finalized a extensive analysis of the cream comprising of a 20,000 word thesis which has been handed in to Bangor University to aid them with further academic investigation of the cream, and will also aid with patenting requirements.

Preliminary tests were carried out at the chemistry department of Bangor University which proved interesting and helpful, proving that it is not toxic.

The work carried out by the Madrid University biochemistry department in Spain also helps as they have held clinical tests on one of the ingredients and have published their findings officially, proving its strong anti inflammatory properties.

I have also used the LinkedIn site to raise my profile as well as the company’s and the creams, this I have found is very effecting with connecting directly with other people and businesses/company’s.

We are also working with James Sheridan Director of BIC innovations based in Bangor who is helping us prepare the cream for launch.