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The cream works immediately when applied, giving pain relief to the burn and then promotes rapid healing of the burn by regeneration of tissue cells on all levels of the skin. It contains two organic raw materials found in the local area, and follows the original Welsh recipe handed down.

Ideally place the burn under cold water until cream is applied. If the burn needs to be cleaned then also do this gently before cream is applied. In general try not to touch the burn until the cream is applied as it can cause more damage. Always assess the situation first taking into account the severity of the burn and any other symptoms the patient may have. Eliawen is an external cream and should NOT be administered orally.

Points to note, if the burn has blistered then the cream will be of no use unfortunately and the body must be allowed to heal the burn itself.

If cream is swallowed by any chance or somehow goes in the eyes then use water immediately to rinse down for both situations. The cream is not toxic but care should be taken when administering.

The cream can be applied using your finger, but ideally use the applicator provided with the cream as this will allow more control while administering.

Apply the cream evenly and generously over the whole burn or inflamed area, making sure none of the burn or the inflammation is visible. Leave on until the healing process is done, if by some chance the cream is wiped off then re apply again, care should be taken to not disturb the cream while it is working, if in and awkward area i.e. in-between the finger the apply a gauze gently over it so that it is protected and allowed to heal. Re administer only if need be, as cream solidifies over inflamed area within a few seconds of application.

The cream is not a moisturizer and should not be used as one.

Keep in a cool dark place the fridge would be ideal.