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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2 cm

4 reviews for ELIAWEN {30g}

  1. Johno Edwards

    Fantastic product thank you very much

  2. Olle Zetterstrom

    I used this cream for psoriasis which I have on my shin. I applied the cream and put gauze on top and left it for 3 days. When I took the gauze off my psoriasis had drastically improved the skin was smooth not hardened as it was previously. Also my mother – in – law applied some for a skin allergy she had in her elbow creases for over a year and after just 1 application, it had completely disappeared. So can thoroughly recommend!

  3. J Thurlow

    Excellent Product.

  4. Amelia Connor

    I have used this cream many of times on burns. Mainly from ovens and cooking. This has made it such much better when I do as the cream will heal the wound quicker than usual and also less painfully. I didn’t find it painful to apply and will not cook now without it just incase. Also which is great once healed there is minimal scarring.A household essential. 5*

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