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History Behind Mon Naturals

The origins of Eliawen Healing Cream can be
traced back as far as the 18th century. Ianto Jones recalls his
family's oldest memories of his great great grandmother preparing and applying
the cream and successfully treating and healing a victim with substantial burns
to the skin. 


Eliawen Healing cream perfected in Ynys Mon North
Wales at a time and place that lacked local and affordable doctors and
hospitals. Made in Wales and made of Wales. Where medicine men and women, the
traditional healers, helped to ease the suffering of their community, by
creating medicines and healing remedies, from natural occurring organic
ingredients. Eliawen Healing cream is one of the most effective medications
that have stood the test of time and is being re-introduced by Ianto Jones to
work its magic on the 21st century sufferers. 


At 6yrs old Ianto was taught by his father how to
make and use the burns and skin healing salve. Made from unique ingredients
found only North West Wales, he has been making the healing cream by public
demand for local people. Generations of families that have benefitted from
using the anti-inflammatory cream. The cream has been passed down in my family
for hundreds of years and was passed from my father to me and my son in

The cream is completely
natural and follows the original recipe, all the ingredients are found locally
in abundance. Since initial testing in 2007 the cream has show that it is
effective on far more skin conditions than originally thought. It leaves no
visible marks or blemishes once protocols are adhered to. One ingredient has
been studied by the Bio Chemistry Department of Madrid University, and has been
shown to have anti-inflammatory capabilities. Explaining how it stops itching
and gives pain relief. Full analysis of the cream and how it works with
inflammation and the immune system has been completed in a Thesis, this is not
conclusive but will act as a starting point for further research. Initial
preliminary tests have been carried out successfully at Bangor University, plus
community-based trails on well over 100 people have been carried out and are
still going on a variety of different skin conditions. The product has now been
trade marked and launched..